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centic tweeting tax day patriots' day. normally someone would have to give these guys a platform to get their message out. thanks to social media they think it. they tweet it. it's out there. one thing for crazy uncle harry to do this. these are significant public figures. is this poisoning the national debate or is this the new normal? >> it is the new normal but i think we have a huge challenge because this doesn't just live online. this comes down and it actually affects the profiling. it happens to -- brown-skinned americans to anyone that could remotely be associated with this. i think tragedy on the right has been to try to increase anxiety around national security. and the more we do that, the more we're actually trying to create, you know, challenges for people who are living under these conditions. so i think we need to be way more responsible for those of us who are going to speculate i think we need to be way more responsible talking about the impact it will have on americans. >> john: agreed. eric? >> i think twitter is the window and there is no filter. when there is a big
of the sequester, right? the republicans don't want to raise taxes. they want to raise the debt ceiling but as part of that conversation was about raising taxes. they want smaller government which means unsafe government. let's replace amtrak with my son on a skateboard. >> why not. >> it is unstable. he's high when he's using it and it turns over when you don't want it to. >> john: rick perry wants to talk to you right now. it is true. we're looking at a difference between big government and good government. do people really take government for granted because the guys in government keep their jobs by demonizing their jobs. when it comes to something like this -- >> it will bite them in the tail. all of the guys who voted against the raise the debt ceiling and affected the air traffic right now, they gotta go home to family who is affected by this. they're going to say what did you do? did you do this? they're going to learn the lesson. >> take a plane to get home. >> you're right harrison. something we're blaming on obama as well. they raised the debt ceiling multiple times for reagan, multiple t
on the left, a lot of talk about tax day. it's patriots day in massachusetts. we commemorate the first battle in the the war of independence. there is a lot of talk of patriotism, and tax day this could be a tax kook tea party person. but when there were more bombs on neighboring streets it started turning. what is interesting to me, in the talk radio world that i'm in i'm a conservative talk show host, people are quick for the "why," they want to run to the conclusions. today with my audience we were focused on the what. i went went to posting information as it's coming. as we speak there were reports that there were there is a person of interest. that report has been given denied half a dozen times today. the number of injured, 29 to 109. people today were not in the question of why are we here but what the heck is going on which reflects another interesting mind shift. the post 9/11, i don't know if you want to call it instant panic or the very ready to think the worst of the worst. i think it's interesting how we've gone past that. people are ready to acknowledge what could be just some l
're paying taxes. >> that's correct. >> john: i absolutely thought so. ola, thank you for joining us. you can hear more of ola's story in the documentary "the dream is now" at it's been a pleasure speaking with you. keep us informed of how your case is going, we wish you the best. >> thank you. >> john: thank you. raising the age old question how soon is too soon? high panel of none experts joins me next. >> john: welcome back. how soon is too soon when it comes to politicizing a tragedy and what's it's dishes between plightizing a tragedy and trying to prevent the next one. our panel came to the same consensus. in the case of the attack of the boston marathon, until more details are known it's not a good time to use it for political purposes. but louie ghomert does not agree with us. ghomert has this to say earlier on c-span. >> we know al-qaeda has camps with the drug cartels with the other side of the mexican border. we know that people are now he being trained to come in and act like hispanics when they're radical islamists. we know these things are happening, and it
." the senate today moved toward a key item on its 2013 agenda a bill allowing the states to collect taxes on online sales. as for the gun debate, after wednesday's vote on having a vote on measures to expand background checks for gun buyers, ban assault weapon sales and limit the size of ammo clips all went down to defeat, majority leader harry reid said it was time to take a pause on the issue. >> president obama said it was a shameful day for the senate. and it probably was. i agree. we should make no mistake. this debate is not over. in fact, this fight is just beginning. >> john: one of the first broadsides came from one of the most prominent gun violence victims in recent years. former representative gabby giffords published a blistering editorial in "the new york times" where she called out the senate gun bills' opponents as cowards and i quote... and where the courage issue was concerned, one of the background checks bills' sponsors, west virginia senator, joe manchin, clearly seemed to agree. >> things don't go right in any election i get to go home. i get to go home to my family,
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5